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Simplifying life

one thought at a time.

For clarity, simplicity and peace of mind.

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What if there was a simple way of thinking about
emotional wellbeing?

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Emotional wellbeing

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There is a simple approach


Innate wellbeing

Felt Thought is all about supporting our emotional wellbeing.

We all need support at different times in our lives to make sense of our experiences.

We can overthink situations and get caught up in a spiral of anxiety and overwhelm.

We may get distracted to avoid challenging emotions and feel frustrated that we don’t get anything finished.

We can feel big emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger, and be confused about where they are coming from.

When we approach our emotions and thoughts with curiosity, then we can accept our feelings and needs, and have a more compassionate relationship with ourselves and others.

When we see that we feel our thinking, we don’t have to change, judge, or numb our emotions, we accept that we will just have another feeling and thought, and another…

When we accept that we are feeling our thinking it reduces overthinking and stress, and helps us enjoy life more fully.

We have an estimated 70,000 thoughts a day. When we micromanage and control our thinking we become anxious.

When we notice and understanding that we feel our thinking helps us to reduce stress, and experience more peace, calm and contentment.

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What is Felt Thought?

Felt Thought psychology is a consultation and coaching approach to support an  understanding of thoughts, feelings, and needs to uncover our innate wellbeing.

  • We provide non-judgemental compassionate consultation and coaching opportunities for individuals and groups.

  • Felt Thought helps develop our awareness of the relationship between thoughts and feelings, which leads to more enjoyment and contentment.

What can Felt Thought do for you?

Those that have experienced Felt Thought coaching and consultation notice:

* More clarity, simplicity, and peace in their lives.

* Improved relationships with themselves and others.

* Increased happiness, reduced stress and overwhelm.

* Experiencing more ease in their lives with greater productivity.

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What can Felt Thought do for organisations?

Felt Thought provides consultation and coaching services to support the emotional wellbeing of organisations.

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Organisations that have used Felt Thought

Client 1

Acorn Education Trust

Client 7

Collaborative Schools Limited

Client 8

The Harbour Programme

Client 2

The Mead Academy Trust

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What people are saying about
Felt Thought

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‘It was a great experience that I would recommend. It has been a journey that I will carry with me and feel it has changed my outlook on life.’


‘I did not feel judged and it was an opportunity to speak freely and know that there is no right or wrong but more a thought process that actually allowed me to sort a lot out on my own once I heard myself.’


‘Linda is very calm and listens to the messages behind what is being said and really understands the child’s perspectives.’




It would be great to connect and find out how Felt Thought can help give you what you need.

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