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About Me

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My name is Linda Mallory and I’m a psychologist, consultant, and author.

You can learn more about Felt Thought psychology from the resources here on the website and everything we provide embodies one fundamental principle:

We feel our thinking.

Our experience of life is what we think in the moment.

What I have noticed in the media and society in general that it is popular to talk about what we need to do to attain emotional wellbeing with quick fixes, tricks, and tips.

Over the last 30 years as a teacher and psychologist I have seen the need to help people have a simple and more sustainable way of understanding mental health.

Fundamentally we are born with innate mental health and wellbeing that we uncover, rather than strive for, find, or chase.

When we realise that we are born with innate wellbeing and that we are feeling our thinking, challenging emotions and thoughts are not seen as something to repress, numb, or avoid.

Training and Education

I completed my Doctorate in Educational Psychology at the University of East London.

Prior to that I did a Masters in the Psychology of Education at the Institute of Education, and Bachelor of Education at Bath Spa University.

I have been a teacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator, Reading Recovery Teacher and Psychologist for over 30 years and see the need to support mental health and wellbeing by providing compassionate non-judgemental listening, consultation, and coaching.

I am a member of the British Psychological Society and the Health and Care Professions Council.

I live in Bath with my Husband Av, two sons Fred and Tom, along with our cats Tinc and Peanut.

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